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In 1997 NAVSEA revised MIL-STD-1330 to revision D.  With the issue of revision D it became necessary for all personnel that perform cleaning, assembly, testing and packaging of certified clean US Navy oxygen systems and components to be qualified, certified and be appropriately trained.  These new rules were brought about by an awareness that until that time training was lacking in military, civilian and contractor organizations.  Under NAVSEA direction training of Naval, civilian and contractor personnel as workers and instructors was implemented at government facilities.


At the time of implementation of Revision D, NAVSEA provided a list of approved solvents and brought out a new aqueous cleaner, Navy Oxygen Cleaner (NOC).  Since NOC was a completely new product to the cleaning industry and since NOC is the NAVSEA preferred aqueous cleaner, MIL-STD-1330 was written to provide necessary details for its use.


Training and Support Services LLC has 50 years experience in design, maintenance and training of US Navy oxygen systems and became certified to instruct per MIL-STD-1330D shortly after its implementation.


TSS travels to the company sites where the training is required.  This proves to be more economical for the client because of the savings in travel expenses.  With TSS flat rate training, you may have up to twelve trainees in a class for the same flat rate as one trainee.  There are no add-ons other than travel expenses for the instructor.


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